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Body Massage Therapies

Full Body Massage

Full Session – 60 minute treatment $67
Extended Session – 75 minute treatment $82
Full Extended Session – 90 minute treatment $97
Double Session – 120 minute treatment $127
*Add essential oils for extra therapeutic benefits $5

All our massages are massages are customized to address your body’s current needs for maximum healing, relaxation and relief from tight muscles, pain and stress. Therapists massage the legs, arms, upper and lower back areas and are able to provide a variety of massage styles, including Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Oil Tui-Aa, Swedish Touch and Thai Massage.

Upper Body/ Chair Massage

Half Session – 30 minute treatment $36
Full Session – 45 minute treatment $47
Extended Session – 60 minute treatment $57
Full Extended Session – 75 minute treatment $67
Add essential oils for extra therapeutic benefits $5

Release stress and promote relaxation in a short period of time. Remaining fully clothed in a comfortable upright position, therapists are given the perfect angle to provide deep tissue, acupressure, and Swedish massage techniques to muscle groups in the neck, shoulder, back, arms, and hands.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology

Full Session – 50 minute treatment / $47
Extended Session – 75 minute treatment / $67
Double Session – 100 minute treatment / $87
*Add essential oils for extra therapeutic benefits

A concentrated massage working on nerve endings and muscular stress, foot reflexology focuses on the nerve endings to help circulation and stabilize the organ functions through pressure applied to reflex points on the feet which correspond to vital organs and glands in the body. Sitting in a relaxing reclined leather chair, the therapist will provide you with a soothing, gentle hand reflexology, leg massage, and foot reflexology to reduce body tension, increase blood circulation, restore nerve function, and establish balance within the body.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying...


"As a Bodyworker myself, I tend to be one of those picky people when it comes to receiving a massage, but each time I’ve had Ravinder as my practitioner, my mind completely shuts off and my body fully trusts her warm, soft & sensitive demeanor. There is a beautiful letting go process I feel when I am being treated. Her hands just know exactly what to do and where to be and her treatments are relaxing, restorative, opening and deepening and most of all, effectively healing on so many levels."


-Samasati K - 


"Cherry with 8M literally changed my life. I came to Cherry after nine years of not sleeping due to a hormonal disbalance, thyroid problems, and other heath issues. My problems were gone in a month and a half with mostly reflexology treatments. Till this day I visit 8M almost every week to keep my body and mind in shape. With her treatment, you learn to shift your lifestyle towards taking care of your body and health, which is the only way we can perform well in our daily lives. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Cherry, who is a master of her work. "


- Isidora M - 


"I love coming to the spa to see Elina and Stone because they do such wonderful work. Since I have been coming for Bian Stone treatment, reflexology and massages my energy levels have been higher, my circulation has been so much better and I feel that I'm able to handle stressful situations a lot better because my body doesn't feel so tense and painful anymore.  I highly recommend this luxurious massage experience and their practitioners. "


- Irene B - 


"Amir is my go-to practitioner for relief of my back pain and discomfort issues. In some cases, it was so painful to just stand, but Amir has always been dedicated to my treatment and progress. Amir’s technique in blending acupressure and massage is nothing short of amazing. Today, I suffer much less from back muscle strain than ever before. I am very grateful for Amir’s body treatments. "


- Maria M - 


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